The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland provide access for staff and students to the eduroam (education roaming) network. eduroam is a world-wide roaming access service developed for research and education. More information can be found at the eduroam website.

For more information regarding eduroam please visit the eduroam wesite at To see a list of UK Institutions which have eduroam available click here.

Connecting to Eduroam on Android devices

Connecting to Eduroam on Apple devices

How to Connect to Eduroam

Chromebook Eduroam Connection 

WiFi Not Connecting?

Entering your username and password:

Enter your conservatoire username in the format
(** Staff should omit the DOT in the first part of their email address**)
Enter your conservatoire password



All participants (institutions and individual users) are bound by the eduroam(UK) policy and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Acceptable Use Policy.