Broadband Tips

Understanding the Limitations of Domestic Broadband

Here are some common sense things we can all do to improve the connection with our home broadband.

  • Whilst you are logged into the VPN avoid using your laptop device for other non-work internet services like streaming audio or video. (Use a radio or your TV)
  • If you connect via WiFi make sure you have a good strong signal. Can you move closer to your router?
    Be aware of what everyone else at home is doing on the internet and work with them to not overload things when you need to work. (Are the kids using Xbox live? Streaming 4K video on Netflix?)
  • Give your broadband router a reboot from time to time (as a rule once a week – leave off for 20-30 minutes and then turn on again)
  • Domestic broadband connections are sold as a shared service. Your speed will be affected by the amount of people using the service in your area and at times of peak usage you cannot always expect to get the advertised speeds.
  • Ensure you are aware of your broadband contract details, any usage limits, make sure you know the contact and account details for your ISP in case you need to talk to them for support.

You can try to use 4G and your mobile phone as a personal hotspot if performance on your broadband is poor but:

  • understand your data usage limit
  • check if all data in your contract is available for use as tethering or if there is any fair use limit
  • use your phone to carefully monitor your data use, but make sure you have correctly set the day of the month when your allowances renew.