RCS Printers

New Printers

On Tuesday the 5th of November 2019 we rolled out the new RCS printer fleet. These new devices will help to reduce our carbon footprint and to create a more environmentally and financially sustainable working and learning environment.

The new printers will make a significant contribution to our energy efficiency and sustainability ambitions by reducing our carbon emissions and paper consumption while financially saving over 50% per annum.

The new devices will improve the service as all machines offer access to mono and colour printing, scanning, photocopying and A3 printing at faster speeds and in a more secure manner than our current deployment.

Devices are strategically located throughout the RCS estate. Click here to see the locations of your new printers.



Papercut is the system that manages the printers and your account. Please click the links below for instructions on how to use our Papercut printing, photocopying and scanning system.

Registering your card for the first time.
How to Login.
How to Print.
How to Scan.
How to Copy.

Adding Credit to your Papercut account.

*Please note that there will be no charge for printing and copying in Term 1 of session 2021/22.

For further in depth instructions on printing and other functionality, please click here

Refund Policy

If you need further guidance please click here or e-mail ITHelpdesk@rcs.ac.uk