Creating an Electronic Signature

Creating an Electronic Signature

An electronic signature is a copy of your signature that can be imbedded into a document.

You can make a copy of your signature in several ways, here are just three ways.

1. You can select the Draw function in Microsoft Word, choose the Pen and then use the mouse to draw your signature. You can also right-click on the drawn signature and then choose Save as Picture… give the image a name and save as a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file type. It can be difficult to control the mouse while drawing your signature so you might not be satisfied with the result.

2. You can use Word on your phone or tablet and use the Draw function and a stylus pen to get a smoother version of your signature. Save the document and then copy and paste the signature from your saved document into the required document. Or you can open the Word document with your signature in on a computer and save the picture as above (as a PNG file).

3. You can also take a photograph of your signature with your smart phone or tablet, save it to your OneDrive and then insert it into the document.

Whatever way you create your electronic signature, once you have a saved copy, you can re-use it. Please store your signature file safely in a secure place such as OneDrive.

If you would like more detail on creating, saving and using an electronic signature you can watch this 16-minute in-depth video on the subject.
Link to a YouTube video with the steps to creating, saving and inserting an electronic signature

You can also request the IT Trainer’s help by emailing and explaining what you would like assistance with.