What is MFA?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security method that ensures that only you can log into your account.

It does this by requiring at least two methods of authentication, your password and an approval request from the Microsoft Authenticator App.

You may already use some form of MFA for online banking or to access your personal email account.


Why use MFA?

As part of a programme of ongoing security improvements, strengthening authentication has been identified as critical.


How to enrol?

Enrolment is best done on a computer rather than on your phone.  Once prompted you have 14 days to complete registration.

Follow our instructions for registering here 


Which services require MFA?

All Microsoft 365 services require MFA (Email, OneDrive, Teams, etc.), Moodle and Zoom.  There is a rolling program to add other services.


How do I add my RCS email onto my phone?

You must use the Outlook App, details of this can be found here


When will I be asked to authenticate with MFA?

After registration you have the option to stay signed in – please only do this if you trust the device and will be using it again. This will remember the sign in for around 30 days and then you will be asked to re-approve your sign in.

If there is any suspicious activity detected on your account, you will also be asked.


What if I get a new phone?

If you get a new phone you will need to setup the Authenticator App on your new phone BEFORE resetting or wiping the old phone, follow these instructions.  If you do not set the Authenticator app before resetting the old phone you may be locked out of your account until a member of the IT Team can help you.


What if my device lost or stolen?

Please contact as soon as possible.


What if I don’t have two devices in order to scan the required QR code?

You can complete the registration process using one device, please find instructions here


I’ve received an unexpected notification to verify my authentication, what do I do?

Press Deny on the Approve sign-in request and contact who can investigate further.  If you think your credentials may have been compromised, change your password immediately.


What other changes have been made?

When you register for MFA, you will also be registered for our new Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) facility. This will help make resetting your password simpler. Details of how to reset your password are available here


What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone or the option to use the Authenticator app, you can register a telephone number to receive a code by phone call or text message.  Follow the instructions here


Can I opt out of setting up MFA?

No, all staff and students are required to have their accounts protected with MFA.