Scots Song

Hello and welcome to our online resource for learning Scots song, aimed at those studying or teaching in Primary Schools, but will also be useful for those looking for an introduction to Scots song.

What is it?
The online toolkit features 3 videos and downloadable resources which have been designed by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s WACI team.

Who is it for?
It is aimed at assisting teachers in teaching school pupils about traditional music in learning to sing in Scots where pupils can accompany the songs in real-time with body percussion.

What will you learn?
The videos can be watched as part of one lesson, or as three separate lessons, but they should be watched in order. Feel free stop and start the videos so that the class can learn at a pace that suits them. Optional exercises can also be delivered alongside the videos to provide some context. Otherwise, the videos can be watched on their own.

You will be taken through the steps of learning the Scots song ‘Sands o’ the Shore‘ by learning:

  • Key Words
  • The Verses
  • Body Percussion 

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Additional Information
This online course should take approximately three hours to complete.
If viewing on a mobile device the pages are best viewed in ‘Reader View’.





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