Come and Try

A group of young adults in a round in a studio

Our ‘Come and Try’ programme is all about giving young people the opportunity to ‘Come and Try’ different aspects of the Creative Industries. Whether you’ve got loads of experience already or you want to try something for the first time, the ‘Come and Try’ activity is for you! It’s a great way to get your creativity flowing, work with experienced artists, and meet other people with the same interests as you. 

Activity features collaborations with communities, art organisations and further education institutions across Scotland, scholarships to RCS summer schools and our annual Fair Access Expo. 

What some participants have said about ‘Come and Try’

“Today’s highlight was getting to meet like-minded people and participate in different activities.”

“I appreciated the truthfulness and the insight of the industry.”

“Talking to people and getting a better idea of the production technology and management course which is now at the top of my list of courses to apply for next year.”

“I really liked the practical side and being able to actually do stuff, like breaking celery for foley and putting lights on the mini stage.”

 Programme for Schools 

Two students sitting on floor rehearsing script

For school pupils, we offer Taster Mornings at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This gives schools, working with young people in areas of multiple deprivation, the opportunity to bring their pupils into the Conservatoire to learn about some of the degree programmes and other Fair Access opportunities we offer, such as Transitions.  Examples of recent taster days include those for BEd Music and Filmmaking.

 Programme for Teachers 

A group of teachers in classroom designing costumes

We also offer Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) for secondary school teachers to recharge their practice, develop their artistic skill set and ensure they are fully informed about Fair Access opportunities for the young people they teach. 

CLPL enables teachers to learn from professional artists in a creative environment. This is re-energising and helps teachers recognise the connections between their work and the creative industries and the role we all share in supporting young people. 

Recent sessions for CLPL opportunities included: 

  • Prop and Model Making
  • BEd, Composition and Music Technology
  • Filmmaking
  • Sound Design

What some teachers have said about CLPL:

“It feels wonderful to have this connection with RCS and context between secondary and higher education and training”

“The whole session was excellent, fantastic staff, materials, and venue.  Everything was perfect and I can’t wait to build on this excellent training” 

“Absolutely loved this session.  Great delivery, content, pacing and achieved that fine balance with talk and creative opportunities.  Every CLPL should be like this!”

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