Get Ready

Our Get Ready programme is for young people who want to apply to Higher Education (conservatoire, university or college) for a performing or production arts course.  We offer a range of activities that help you to ‘Get Ready’ to apply and audition or interview for courses. Many of the Get Ready activities are available online and open to young people across Scotland who meet our criteria. 

 Get Ready Programme for Individuals 

There are two types of activity:  

Focus on Applications (delivered online) 

Audition and Interview Preparation (delivered either online or in person) 

  • Music Audition Prep (Online) 
  • Production Interview Prep (Online) 
  • Monologue Audition Prep (In person at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) 
  • BEd Interview Prep (Online) 
  • Film Interview Prep (Online) 

What participants have said about Get Ready:

‘Just talking with someone about what I’m doing to prepare for my audition and getting advice for what to change really helped calm my nerves about my auditions.’

‘I’m a lot more confident about my upcoming audition, and feel a lot less worried about the whole process of auditioning, going to uni/conservatoire etc. I have a better understanding of ways to prepare myself for auditions/courses and have a better outlook.’

‘I found the activity very informative and helpful. It was great to be talked through the UCAS Conservatoires process and things to do and not do in your personal statement.’

‘It made me feel more comfortable in situations where I’ll have to be in.’

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