Introduction to Sound Design


Hello and welcome to our online resource, an Introduction to Sound Design by Barry McCall. Barry is a sound tutor on the Production Technology and Management courses here at RCS.

This ground-floor introduction to sound design is for anyone who may have an interest in working with:

  • Sound in Theatres
  • Film Industry
  • Gaming Industry

The aim of this project is to get you to create and edit your own sounds as quickly as possible. To provide you with practical knowledge of some of the equipment and techniques used when recording and editing audio. The following simple tasks will help unlock your creativity and allow you to use these techniques to apply them to any project whether it be live in theatre, film or games.

Age range: 12+

 What You Will Need: 

Access to a computer (PC or Mac) with an internet connection and an email account. A mobile phone with an audio recording app installed. Headphones or speakers.

 Let’s Get Started! 

 What is… 

  1. Sound Design
  2. A Sound Effect
  3. Foley Art
  4. A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)


  1. Create a Soundscape
  2. Create an Explosion Sound Effect

 Additional Resources 

Sound Effects & Plugins for Advanced Sounds


We hope you enjoy this activity. Once you have completed this activity you can submit feedback here.