Wellbeing Warriors

As you might expect, a world leading Conservatoire with an abundance of talented staff has more than a handful of Wellbeing advocates, sharing and supporting their teams, students and colleagues.

We’ll call them Wellbeing Warriors  (unless they’d prefer we didn’t!) – have a look at what at what they’ve been up to and don’t miss any updates from the Whittaker Library team, they have got your back.

The Whittaker Library Resources

James Robertson, talks to us again this July as we celebrate the class of 2021 – what success they’ve had in spite of the year they’ve had!

His blogpost covers the ongoing wellbeing impact the pandemic has had and the importance of creating your own little utopias – sounds good to me!

Class of 2021 – Here’s to your Health and Wellbeing!


Dr Karen McAulay’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Playlist   

Karen has put together a playlist of useful e-resources, including a lot of videos and audios that are all resources that we subscribe to for RCS students and staff. Why not take a look?

Another great blogpost from the Whittaker comes courtesy of James Robertson, Senior Library Administrator who joined the team last year. James talks about the link between sleep and Health and Self-care.

For a more restful sleep, read and listen to James’s blogpost here…

The Fair Access Team Walks and Talks

As part of Time to Talk Day on 4th February, the Fair Access team each paired up with a colleague and took an hour to go for a walk together either socially distanced or on the phone with one another.  They took the opportunity get away from their screens and whilst the weather was not in their favour, the team took an important step forward in their plans to develop mental health and wellbeing strategies to better support their team so that they can better support their students.

Wellbeing @ RCS will be linking in with Frances Higson, Fair Access Community Engagements Officer to hear more about their plans so we can share their good practice.