Workshop 3: 7 March 2023, Funding, Training and Safeguarding in Singing for Health

The workshop report from this event is now available to read here: Workshop Report

We  invited three fantastic speakers, Clare McBrien from Givin’ It Laldie, Alison Leitch from the Scottish Social Prescription Network, and Anne Gallacher from Luminate to come and reflect on two key issues impacting Singing for Health in Scotland:

  1. Singing for Health and the funding problem
  2. Training and safeguarding in singing for health

The plan for the day was as follows:

At the event, we also engaged everyone in conversations regarding the two issues highlighted. We listened to concerns, thoughts, and ideas on the funding problem and support for practitioners regarding training and safeguarding from those who benefit from, rely on, or indeed, work to provide Singing for Health services in Scotland.