This network provides a space for a diverse community of singing practitioners, health professionals, and researchers working on singing and health, to come together to share knowledge, ideas, and practice and to open up avenues for communication between individuals and organisations.

Singing for Health groups supports the management of a range of conditions such as respiratory conditions, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and mental health concerns. We are the only Scotland-wide network that unites practitioners, researchers, and health professionals working in these health-related fields.

On this website, you will find a map showing the locations of Singing for Health groups in Scotland, as well as links to research evidencing the potential impacts singing can have on individuals, patients, service users, and singers. We hope the map will be useful for individuals keen to sing, singing leaders, and health professionals such as nurses, GPs, and link workers to see if there are Singing for Health groups in their area. If you know of or run a singing for health group in Scotland and would like to appear on the map, please get in touch. We have also produced a podcast series that showcases different approaches and issues related to Singing for Health.

The network hosts a range of workshops to support Singing for Health groups allowing them to showcase their work as well as providing a space to consider larger issues including how to engage and work alongside health professionals. Following the workshop that took on 7 March 2023, we have produced a report identifying key challenges in delivering Singing Health services in Scotland, and what Scotland’s Singing for Health Network are doing to address these challenges.

Our 2-year Royal Society of Edinburgh funding concluded on 31 March 2023; however, we are continuing to build on what we have already achieved. As such, these pages will continue to be updated.

In 2024, we were awarded a grant from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Innovation Studio to deliver 2 more workshops with the aim of developing training opportunities for singing for health leaders. Full details of upcoming workshops appears under ‘Workshops’. We are also supported by the University of Glasgow’s Founder’s Fund for Creatives, which will allow us to work with medical schools to developing training for medical students.

If you would like to get in touch with us about the project, please email singing-for-health@rcs.ac.uk.

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