Climate Change and Arts in the Anthropocene

The Library has pulled together some resources around climate change and the arts in the Anthropocene. Below are links to the library collections (print books, e-books, articles and videos), open access articles/publications and websites relating to this area. This page will be updated regularly.

Climate Anxiety

Turn the tide on climate anxiety - sustainable action for your mental health and the planet It's not just you - how to navigate eco-anxiety and the climate crisis Towards an ecopsychotherapy Facing the climate emergency - how to transform yourself with climate truth

How to live in a chaotic climate - 10 steps to reconnect with ourselves, our communities, and our planet Active hope : how to face the mess we're in with unexpected resilience and creative power

Practical Guides

How to reduce your carbon footprint - practical ways to make a real difference How to save our planet - the facts How to reduce your carbon footprint - simple ways to live a planet-friendly life No. More. Plastic - what you can do to make a difference

The sustainable(ish) living guide - everything you need to know to make small changes that make a big difference Net zero : how we stop causing climate change How bad are bananas - the carbon footrpint of everything

Climate Justice

This is not a drill - the Extinction Rebellion handbook What climate justice means and why we should care It's not that radical - climate action to transform our world Climate change coaching - the power of connection to create climate action

Books – performance and climate related

Arts of living on a damaged planet Gut botany Inhospitable world : cinema in the time of the anthropocene Music and the environment in dystopian narrative : sounding the disaster

Performance and ecology : what can theatre do Research theatre, climate change, and the Ecocide Project Ecodramaturgies - theatre, performance and climate change Into the woods : an epistemography of climate change

Animism in Art and Performance A rt in the Anthropocene Encounters A mong Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies Dance in contested land : new intercultural dramaturgies The soundscape : our sonic environment and the tuning of the world

Rethinking the Theatre of the Absurd - Ecology, the Environment and the Greening of the Modern Stage Interrogating the Anthropocene : ecology, aesthetics, pedagogy, and the future in question Sustainability, human well-being, and the future of education Reoccupy earth : notes toward an other beginning

Climate chaos : making art and politics on a dying planet Climate crisis and consciousness : re-imagining our world and ourselves

For more, a full list can be found here


The Heretic Cougar Matt Henson - North Star A hundred words for snow

Crown Prince Heavy Weather The contingency plan A History of Water in the Middle East

The future is not fixed : short plays envisioning a global Green New Deal  Lighting the way : an anthology of short plays about the climate crisis

Audio Plays



Anthropocene opera in three acts vocal score Ludovico Einaudi Extra Elements John Luther Adams Become Ocean for orchestra

Gabriela Lena Frank is a climate activist and many of their compositions link to nature or link to the climate crisis:

Pachamama Meets An Ode Sueños de Chambi - snapshots for an Andean album


Climate Change - The Facts


Watch the BBC programme Climate Change – The Facts where Sir David Attenborough explores the science of climate change and potential solutions to this global threat.


Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble: On Behalf of Nature (excerpts)



Documentation excerpts for On Behalf of Nature, a multidisciplinary performance piece by Meredith Monk. Performed by Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble in 2013. Premiered at UCLA CAP, January 18th, 2013


Normal is over film image

Normal is Over 1.1: Innovative Solutions to Global Decline (available via the RCS Kanopy subscription)

Award-winning feature documentary about humanity’s wisest responses to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality and the connection between these issues.

Science and Art for life's sake documentary image

Science & Art for Life’s Sake – Documentary

From 2015 – 2020 the IIASA Science and Art Project investigated how artists and scientists can work together effectively to support the transformation toward sustainability.




Northern Opera Group


The Northern Opera Group Arts & Climate symposium – artists and companies who are responding to the climate crisis. Includes a session on sustainable practice and productions and another on artistic responses to the climate crisis.


Verified Sources of Climate Information on Social Media 
(information taken from The Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability Action Plan supplement 1)

climate science center image Facebook Climate Science Centre – this help users find validated
information on climate change from authoritative sources including the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Meteorological Organization and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


Picture of a person typing on a laptop and the words Climate Change are aboveGoogle is working with the UN to offer verified climate information. When you search for “climate change,” Google will retrieve authoritative information from the United Nations. In addition, Google will surface short text blurbs and visuals on the causes and effects of climate change and individual actions people can take to help tackle the climate crisis.

Articles & Publications


Exact Editions Climate Crisis Articles


Exact Editions has opened up access to a group of articles to highlight the climate crisis, spanning a wide range of topics from climate activism and politics to agriculture and conservation.



Oxfam Climate Book Cover Image Oxfam Climate Crisis eBook – you can download your free copy which covers:

What governments should be doing, and how you can help demand action
How to work with your local community to make change happen
Steps to take in your everyday life to help people and the planet



HAL Open Science Logo

Narratives of the Anthropocene: How can the (performing) arts contribute towards the socio-ecological transition? by François Ribac


Bomb magazine logo imageBOMB magazine article – Strangeness and Beauty: Dear Climate (Una Chaudhuri, Oliver Kellhammer, and Marina Zurkow). Interviewed by Louis Bury



New Writing Journal


Speaking the Anthropocene: slow writing in collaborative performance art – A documentation of a public performance artwork titled Speaking the Anthropocene which is located within a longitudinal performance art collaboration project called Illuminous that combines creative writing, music and live performance art practices.



Contemporary theatre review front cover



Backpages 33.3 includes a piece by Laura Bissell reflecting on the Performance Portals at COP 26




Volume 65 - Issue 4 - December 2021 image  TDR Volume 65 – Issue 4 – December 2021

This issue of TDR is the first of a two-part series exploring climate change and performance.





TDR Front cover - Volume 67 - Issue 1 - March 2023 image TDR Volume 67 – Issue 1 – March 2023

This issue of TDR is the second of a two-part series exploring climate change and performance.






“There Must Be a Lot of Fish in That Lake”: Toward an Ecological Theater by Una Chaudhuri



The Stage - Climate Crisis Special Issue image

Climate Crisis: Special Issue How the performing arts are addressing the great challenge of our time
£1bn needed to make theatres sustainable
Long Read on the Theatre Green Book
How is climate change being tackled on stage?
What are theatres around the world doing?


Studies in Theatre and Performance



Doing the ecological through performance by Sarah Hopfinger




Research in Drama Education


Environmentalism, performance and applications: uncertainties and emancipations by Deirdre Heddon and Sally Mackey








Guddling About: An Ecological Performance Practice with Water and Other Nonhuman Collaborators by Minty Donald




Performance Research


‘This is the way the world ends, not …?’: On performance compulsion and climate change by Baz Kershaw

From Weather to Climate: A note by Carl Lavery

A house of weather and a polar bear costume
Ecological anthropomorphism in the work of Fevered Sleep by Lisa Woynarski

Contemporary Theatre Review



The Trans-Plantable Living Room by Lisa Woynarski & Bronwyn Preece




Theatre journal



The Rise and Fall of Modern Water: From Staging Abstraction to Performing Place by Stephen Scott-Bottoms





Popular Music and the Anthropocene


Popular Music and the Anthropocene by François Ribac and Paul Harkins (published in Popular Muisc, volume 39, issue 1).





Ethnomusicology Review

The Anthropocene and Music Studies by Jim Sykes

Classical Music in the Anthropocene by Nathan Currier (Ecomusicology Newsletter, vol 3, no.1, 2014, pp.8-12 & pp.30-51)


Musicians' Climate Citizenry Blog

Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music blog on the topic of climate



Projects & Performance Artists

ClimateCultures – creative conversations for the AnthropoceneClimateCultures launched in 2017 as an online space for creative minds to share responses to ecological and climate predicaments. It’s a network of artists, curators and researchers working across many practices, venues and disciplines.


Music for a Warming World


A climate change project called ‘Music for a Warming World’ (MWW). It explores the use of music to address the climate challenge.



Sarah Nicolls

Sarah Nicolls is a pianist and composer who has a focus on climate change. The website includes a blog and information around their compositions.


Chamber Music Scotland

One of their aims is to creatively explore Scotland and its relationship with its landscape, people, and natural resources, including sustainability and helping to protect the wider environment. They have a page showing recent environmental projects.


Dear Climate - Artistic Perspectives on Climate Change image Dear Climate: Artistic Perspectives on Climate Change

Is an ongoing creative-research project that hacks the aesthetics of instructional signage and the techniques of meditation to lead viewers and listeners towards a better informed, more realistic, and more affectionate relationship to the more-than-human world, including geo-physical forces, and other species.




Sarah Cameron Sunde works imageSarah Cameron Sunde is an environmental interdisciplinary artist and director working at the intersection of performance, video and public art.




Julie Sperling

Julie Sperling is a mosaicist making art about climate change and the Anthropocene




Dr. Lekelia Jenkins conducts research on SciDance which looks at blending dance and science to engage and communicate.


John Luther Adams: Music of the Anthropocene


John Luther Adams: Music of the Anthropocene – John Luther Adams is a composer whose life and work are deeply rooted in the natural world.



Artists and Climate Change blog logoArtists and Climate Change blog tracks artistic work about climate change. It is both a study of what is being done, and a resource for anyone interested in the subject.




Into the Mountain


Into The Mountain is a new place sensitive performance project by artist and choreographer Simone Kenyon. The project explores and celebrates women’s relationships with high and wild places (this includes cis women, trans women and intersex women).




Minty Donald’s research in theatre and performance attempts to put the stuff that is not human centre stage. For the past six years, their major focus has been on performance of/with rivers and other watercourses, such as canals and drainage systems.



Red Rebel Brigade website image Red Rebel Brigade

An international performance artivist troupe dedicated to illuminating the global environmental crisis and supporting groups and organisations fighting to save humanity and all species from mass extinction.



The Arctic Circle Logo

The Arctic Circle is an annual expeditionary residency program bringing together international artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects, and educators to explore the high-Arctic Svalbard Archipelago and Arctic Ocean.

Arts Organisations & Sustainability

Scottish Classical Music Green Guide 2021 Scottish Classical Music Green Guide 2021

A free guide written collaboratively by over 30 orchestras, ensembles, festivals and individual musicians from across Scotland, it contains knowledge on how to reduce carbon emissions in all aspects of your work.


UNICORN Theatre Logo  The Unicorn Theatre page on their sustainability work




Creative Carbon Scotland Image Creative Carbon Scotland

Work directly with individuals, organisations and strategic bodies engaged across cultural and sustainability sectors to harness the role of culture in achieving this change to a more environmentally sustainable Scotland.


ABTT LogoThe Association of British Theatre Technicians has a Sustainability in Live Performance list of relevant resources and initiatives



Royal Holloway University of London LogoSustainable Approaches to Theatre Making – includes suggestions about how to improve the environmental sustainability of your performance work


The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts image

The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts is a Think Tank for Sustainability in the Arts and Culture




The Theatre Green Book Image

Theatre Green Book – Book 1: Sustainable Productions

Theatre Green Book – Book 2: Sustainable Buildings

Theatre Green Book – Book 3: Sustainable Operations

Theatre Green Book – Resources on Sustainable Theatre


Climate Museum UK image Climate Museum UK is an experimental museum that curates and gathers responses to the Earth crisis




For schools: Environmental Musicals from Grumpy Sheep Music (watch this space!)