Information For Teachers

Who it is for: Pupils who are interested in an area of study
When:  August to December, during school time
Where: Participating Schools

Aimed at pupils who are interested in pursuing a career in the creative industries or those who want to find out more, our practical workshops take place in schools and are a core element of the WACI programme.

Delivered by WACI staff and industry professionals, these fun, interactive workshops cover:

  • What the creative industries are
  • What courses you could study at college, university or conservatoire level
  • Possible career paths

More information:

  • Each session is 1 hour 40 minutes long
  • Held in school (a drama room is ideal, but a classroom space with the desks cleared to the edge of the room would work too)
  • The suggested number of participants is around 25 – if a large number of pupils are interested, additional workshops can be booked to ensure all pupils can take part.

These workshops are available from August to December and work best if they’re booked to take place as soon after school assemblies as possible.

Want to arrange a workshop? Get in touch!

  0141 270 8319