WACI Ambassadors

What is a WACI Ambassador?

WACI Ambassador will represent their school and work alongside WACI staff to promote and provide information about the opportunities that the WACI programme has to offer.

What will a WACI Ambassador do?

  • Promote WACI activity throughout your school 
  • Carry out various awareness-raising and promotion tasks in your school 
  • Act as link between WACI staff and your school 
  • Aim to engage pupils that may not be aware of career pathways in the performing arts 
  • Support fellow ambassadors 
  • Support fellow pupils in your School 
  • Attend WACI Ambassador meetings and training sessions (Ambassadors must attend at least two training and meeting sessions throughout the year) 
  • Feedback and advise on the WACI programme 
  • Represent the RCS and WACI at events 

What will a WACI Ambassador get in return?

  • Experience in the Arts Sector 
  • Free tickets for RCS productions 
  • The opportunity to meet like minded people 
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills 
  • The opportunity to inspire others 
  • A chance to enhance your CV 
  • Training for your ambassador role 

What do you require in order to be a WACI Ambassador?

  • Be in S4-S6
  • Currently attending a participating school
  • Passionate about the performing arts/production
  • Committed to helping others engage with the arts
  • Good social media knowledge
  • Clear communication skills – Ambassadors will be expected to regularly check and respond to emails from WACI
  • Flexibility and a willingness to travel to RCS for meetings. All Ambassadors will be expected to attend at least one meeting.
  • Commitment to the programme for 12 months
  • A willingness to engage with pupils across your School
  • Enthusiasm

Who would be my link to the RCS and WACI?

The WACI team will make sure they help with any enquiries and assist with activities and projects. They will:

  • Inform ambassadors of all WACI activity via email.
  • Send any printed materials to Ambassadors (events calendar, brochure and postcards)
  • Provide advice to the ambassadors and help them achieve their goals both within the ambassador programme and for their future aspirations.
How would I travel to meetings at the RCS?

Ambassadors should organise their own travel however they will be fully reimbursed when they arrive at the RCS.

How Do I Apply?

To apply please fill out the WACI Ambassadors application form. You will be asked to fill in your personal details and write a short statement (no more than 500 words) or attach a video (2-3 mins) explaining why you would like to become a WACI ambassador.  

You must also ask a teacher within your school to email a supporting statement to WACI@rcs.ac.uk (no more than 500 words) for your application. Please ask them to take the guidelines above into consideration when writing this statement. 

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the WACI Ambassador Programme get in touch with the WACI Team.

📧 WACI@rcs.ac.uk
0141 270 8319