WACI Lockdown Picks 3

We’ve got our third week of WACI picks for you! Hand-picked by our team with the WACI seal of approval to keep you entertained and engaged with the performing and production arts whilst we’re on lockdown.


Dance Art Journal

Social media feed on Twitter collating dance-related activity and culture.



How To Spray Paint A Portrait

A step by step video with Tragic O’Hara that takes you through the stages of how to spray paint large scale portraits​.


Together At Home

Together at Home was a virtual concert series organised by Global Citizen and curated by singer Lady Gaga.


Filmmaker IQ

This Youtube Channel provides a great overview for filmmakers, especially beginners. However, it goes in-depth enough that moderately experienced filmmakers can find real value in the content.


Boy’s Don’t

Paperdale productions ‘Boy’s Don’t’ explores insights into male experiences of growing up. From the playground to the classroom boys learn that displaying their feelings is a no-no. But what happens to emotion that can’t be let out, and who picks up the pieces?

We hope you enjoy this selection and check back next week for more! 

WACI Lockdown Picks

WACI have been scouring the internet for some great online resources for you to check out whilst we are all on lockdown. We have found a range of tutorials, theatre productions and interactive videos.
We’ll share new resources with you every week. So without further ado, this weeks picks are:


Dance with Oti Mabuse

Oti Mabuse is a professional dancer who is well known for Strictly Come Dancing. On her YouTube Channel she has a range of dance tutorials for all ages and levels


National Theatre: How to Make a Puppet

The National Theatre has a short series of videos on how to create your own life-size puppet and explains the principles of bringing it to life. The only tools you need are paper, tape and scissors!


How to Create 8-bit Game Music

This a step by step tutorial by Tragic O’Hara on how to make 8-bit game music for free. All you need is a computer or laptop!


Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame a Painting is a YouTube Channel with a whole range of super interesting video essays about film form.


National Theatre at Home

The National Theatre are screening a new play each week on YouTube that were originally filmed Live at the National Theatre.

We hope you like this selection. Be sure to check back next week for more useful resources!