WACI Lockdown Picks 2

We’ve got our second week of WACI picks for you! Hand-picked by our team with the WACI seal of approval to keep you entertained and engaged with the performing and production arts whilst we’re on lockdown.


Rosie Kay’s 5 Soldiers

Rosie Kay’s 5 Soldiers is a choreographic reflection of the military world and the effects that war has on the body, both physically and mentally.



National Theatre: ‘How To’

This is a series of videos on how to do a quick costume change, make a wig, make mud and blood from the national theatre. It’s a great peek behind the scenes of the national theatre and insight into the workings of a professional production team.


Tiny Desk Concerts

Tiny desk concerts from NPR has a huge range of intimate concerts from many different musicians from various different genres. There are loads of beautiful performances to be found here and some new artists to discover.


BFI Film Player

The British Film Institute have a range of archive feature-length and short films available for free! The BFI resource covers 120 years of Britain on film, therefore, there are plenty of films for you to browse through.


Ted Talk ‘The Essence of Acting’

Mirjana Joković is a film and stage actor who is now currently the Director of Performance for Acting and an acting teacher in the Theater Faculty of the California Institute of the Arts. In this video, she discusses her thoughts on the essence of acting.

We hope you enjoy this selection and check back next week for more!