In Conversation: Balancing your Mental Health with your Artform


In Conversation: Balancing your Mental Health with your Artform, 13 April at 4pm

Musician, Josie Duncan and Filmmaker Michael Richardson discuss their coping mechanisms and their experiences with balancing mental health and their artform. 

 About Josie 

Josie’s original songs were receiving airtime on Radio 2 before she even left university, and by the time she had graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, audiences at festivals all over the world, from festival stages in Australia to basements in Glasgow, had come to recognise her as a vital figure within Scottish folk music. 

 About Michael 

Michael Lee Richardson is a writer and youth worker based in Glasgow. Michael’s short film, My Loneliness is Killing Me – directed by Tim Courtney – won a BAFTA Scotland Award in 2018. It has been shown on BBC Scotland and at film festivals around the world. Michael’s new short, Who I Am Now – directed by Jack Goessens – will be released soon. Michael currently has film and television projects in development with Kindle Entertainment, Balloon, Projector Pictures, Tigerlily, Bombito and Candle & Bell. Michael is passionate about telling rich, authentic stories about queer and working class lives and culture. Outside of writing, Michael likes 80s makeover montages, witches, and going to the shops. 

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