Join Our Fair Access Virtual Band


Wednesday Evenings, March 2022

Do you sing or play an instrument? Want to meet like-minded young people? Get involved with the Fair Access Virtual Band!

Group of people online playing instruments

Who can sign-up:

You’re invited to apply and join us for another musical collaboration if you meet one of the following criteria:

When it will happen:

The workshops all take place at 5pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 2 March
  • Wednesday 9 of March
  • Wednesday 16 March
  • Wednesday 30 March

Please make sure you can attend all these dates before you sign up.

How to take part:

Deadline: 28 Feb

On the Sign-Up form you will be asked:

  • Your main instrument.
  • Your ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced) 
  • If you can comfortably sight-read or follow a chord chart.
  • If you have access to a device that will allow you to record a video with audio.

Don’t worry if you’re new to music or you’re not a confident sight-reader, everyone is welcome. Knowing what level everyone is at is just helpful for us when we’re pulling together the music.

What will happen next:

Owen Sinclair, the Musician leading the project will organise 4 different online ‘meet-ups’. These meet-ups will be an opportunity to have conversations as a band, discuss various musical genres, workshop ideas and ultimately decide what music you’d like to work on together.

Once we’ve decided what we’d like to record:

  • You will be sent a guide track accompanied by either a score, chord chart or lyrics. This will be suitable for your ability level and instrument.
  • There will be an online tutorial session
  • You will then record your video and send it in
  • All parts will be edited together to create a showcase of the Fair Access Virtual Band

About Owen:

Owen is a multi-instrumentalist, percussionist and singer who has been working in Scotland’s vibrant folk scene. You can check out some of his projects here: