Our WACI Ambassadors are a group of young people aged 13 – 18 from schools all over the West of Scotland who have come together to encourage people their age to participate in the arts.

Young people have told us about some of the barriers they face in participating in the arts, including everything from lack of confidence, lack of opportunities and not being able to afford drama or dance classes.

Our WACI Ambassadors tell us that the types of messages they have received about studying arts subjects can be one of the hardest to overcome.

These messages include that it’s not ‘useful’ in ‘the real world.’ That music, dance, media studies and drama are ‘skive’ subjects. ‘You’ll only make money if you’re famous.’ ‘You need to get a real job.’

Instagram Takeover

From next week, our Ambassadors will be taking over our Instagram page to help spread the word!

They’ll be sharing their ‘day in the life’ on Instagram Stories, as well as interviews with people already working in the arts and creative industries, and encouraging artists to share their tips for overcoming the barriers they faced in getting into the industry.

How YOU can help!

Anyone can help by engaging with the social media takeover at @RCSWACI – liking, sharing and commenting on images and videos the young people share throughout May.


Teachers can sign the pledge and share a picture to show that their school supports the arts!

To sign our pledge please post a selfie and write the pledge as your caption or in your story. You can also tag @RCSWACI and #AnyoneCanBeWACI to show your support.

Pledge: ‘We pledge to encourage, support, and respect all young people aspiring to study the performing and production arts’

Artists and teachers

Artists working in the creative industries – including teachers teaching creative subjects like music, drama, dance or media studies – can use the hashtag #AnyoneCanBeWACI to share their story on Instagram.

Post a photo or video with the caption ‘I’m a [dance/actor/musician/writer, whatever] #AnyoneCanBeWACI’ and share your story – how did you first get into your art form? What were some of the barriers you faced or messages you received and how did you overcome them? What’s one bit of advice you would give someone currently in secondary school who is considering a carrier in the arts?


Like artists, organisations can use the hashtag #AnyoneCanBeWACI to share inspiring stories about people who have overcome barriers to work in the arts, as well as sharing any (free) opportunities to participate in the arts which might be available to young people in the West of Scotland.