Following Your Audition (USA)

When will I know the outcome of my audition?

For applicants that have completed their UCAS Conservatoires application and auditioned live in the USA, outcomes are likely to be available in March. All decisions will be posted on UCAS Conservatoires Track, (you will need your username and password). If you are offered a guaranteed place, you will also receive an offer email. You will also receive notification from UCAS Conservatoires when decisions on all your choices are available.

Please see below for an explanation of UCAS Conservatoires codes:

Guaranteed Unconditional (GU)

RCS is satisfied from the information you have given, that you have already met the conditions for entry.

Guaranteed Conditional (GC)

RCS has made the offer subject to you meeting certain conditions such as examination results, references, etc. Conditions can be viewed via UCAS Conservatoires Track.  You must meet the conditions of the offer by 31 August 2018, unless an earlier date is specified. If your conditions include obtaining IELTS (English Language test), you must meet this condition by 31 May 2018.

Reserve Unconditional (VU)

RCS is satisfied from the information you have given, that you have already met the conditions for entry and you have been offered a place on our reserve pool.

Reserve Conditional (VC)

RCS has offered a place on its reserve pool subject to you meeting certain conditions such as examination results, references, etc. Conditions can be viewed via UCAS Conservatoires Track.

Unsuccessful (R)

RCS does not wish to offer you a place.


What does reserve mean?

If you have received a ‘reserve’ outcome, it means that RCS is not able to offer you a guaranteed place at the time of making our offer. A ‘reserve’ offer indicates that RCS would like the opportunity to review its offer to you in the light of acceptances/declines to its guaranteed offers. You will become part of a ‘pool’ of ‘reserve’ candidates and RCS may choose to make you a guaranteed offer if a suitable place becomes available.  Reserve does not mean that a place has been ‘reserved’ for you. If RCS chooses not to make you a guaranteed offer, you will not a place to start at RCS.

If you have been given a ‘reserve’ outcome, in order to be considered for a guaranteed place (should one become available) you will need to accept the offer (and meet any conditions if applicable).


I have a reserve outcome, can I accept another offer?

You can accept a reserve outcome as your 1st choice and a guaranteed or reserve outcome as your 2nd choice on UCAS Conservatoires.


I have a reserve outcome, when will I find out if it will be converted to either a guaranteed offer or made unsuccessful?

Reserve outcomes remain active until the end of August.  The decision to wait and see whether a guaranteed place becomes available, or to accept an offer at another conservatoire is entirely at your discretion. As soon as your situation changes, this is updated on UCAS Conservatoires.


Replying to offers

As soon as a decision is made, UCAS Conservatoires will let you know. You must reply online via UCAS Conservatoires Track ( Your reply date is displayed on Track. If you do not reply by the date given, your offers will be declined automatically. The reply date may be different to other people’s as it is based on when you receive your last decision.

Please see the UCAS Conservatoires website for more information on replying to offers ( If you make an application through UCAS Conservatoires, UCAS or UCAS Teacher Training, you cannot hold more than one confirmed place. A confirmed place in UCAS Conservatoires is a guaranteed unconditional offer as your first choice (GU1) and in UCAS and UCAS Teacher Training it is an unconditional firm (UF) place. If you receive more than one confirmed place, UCAS will ask you to accept one offer and withdraw from any others.


Where can I send my references?

References can be sent to Admissions, RCS, 100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3DB or emailed to Alternatively, your references can be uploaded directly on to UCAS Conservatoires during the application process.


Does the Conservatoire offer scholarship?

The Conservatoire offers a limited number of entrance scholarships each year, based on merit and/or financial need. These are assessed through the audition process, and only successful scholarship applicants will be notified of the outcome.


Can I visit the Conservatoire before making a decision?

We would welcome you to visit before making your decision. We offer tours of the Conservatoire twice a week on Mondays at 2pm and Fridays at 10am. On both days, there is usually a lunchtime concert going on between 1 and 2pm which you are welcome to buy tickets for to see the standard of performance at the Conservatoire. Please do book this via our website –


I’m having problems with my UCAS Conservatoires login. What do I do?

Please contact UCAS Conservatoires directly on 0371 468 0470 (UK) or +44 330 3330 232 (outside the UK) or email them at


What fee do I pay?

Please see below for an explanation of fee eligibility –

Scottish/EU – Scottish and EU
RUK – Rest of UK
International – Non EU

Further fee information can be found on our website –

Eligible undergraduate students from Scotland and the EU should apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) to pay their tuition fees (  Eligible English, Welsh and Northern Irish undergraduate students can get help with tuition fees and living costs through Student Finance:


What is the cost of living in Glasgow?

In general, we would recommend you will need approximately £8,500 – £10,000 for living costs (including accommodation) in Glasgow. Below is a breakdown of the approximate cost per month for a single student living in either private rented accommodation or halls of residence self-catering accommodation:

  Liberty House Private Rented Accommodation
Rent/Accommodation From £569 £250 – £450
Bills (Electricity/Gas/Telephone/Broadband) £0 – included in rent £50
Mobile Phone £20 £20
Food £170 £170
Clothing/Toiletries/Laundry/Stationery £60 £60
Monthly Travel £0 (unless you choose to travel outside of the city centre) £30
Social/Entertainment £60 £60
Contents Insurance £0 – included in rent £10

Some students secure part-time work outside of their studies, but this is not possible for the majority of students due to the intensive nature of most of the programmes at the Conservatoire.

Scotland has a rich and diverse artistic heritage and Glasgow is famed worldwide as a city of culture – Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music. The city is home to most of the national performing companies, including Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and the National Theatre of Scotland, which are situated in the streets around the conservatoire. Without a doubt, this contributes to the intimacy and success of our professional partnerships for the benefit of our students. Glasgow is exceptionally student friendly, home to a substantial student population of 80,000. And with two international airports serving the city, getting here and travelling further afield is easy. The world is on your doorstep.


I have accepted my offer, what happens now?

If you have accepted an offer from the Conservatoire, further information including term dates, fees and accommodation will be emailed to you towards the end of April. Accommodation information can be found on our website – Liberty House applications will be emailed to all new student in the April mailout. Please do not apply to them directly but wait for the form to be emailed out to you.


When will my course commence?

The term commences in September 2019. Term dates can be found on our website –