Student Stories

What does a year on the Transitions programme look like?

  • Students attend classes and courses led by arts professionals
  • Students get to know their coach, meeting regularly to discuss their progress and development
  • They attend at least one of our exciting performance trips, across a spread of genres from innovative new work to classical revivals and repertoire.
  • They will be introduced to students currently studying in their art form, with the opportunity to learn from their experiences of study at RCS.
  • They will contribute to group workshops and creative conversations, collaborating with students across art forms and having their say.
  • We hope they will end the year with a wealth of new learning experiences, and be a more capable, confident, and determined student.

A Home From Home

In the first series of student-focused videos, A Home From Home features Transitions student Ruairidh Grey who studies music and is based in South Uist in the Western Isles.

What It’s Like To Study Contemporary Performance Practice (CPP) 

Here we showcase a presentation that gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be studying a bespoke programme in Contemporary Performance Practice (CPP) featuring visiting artist Murray Watson with students Dianne and Tabitha.

Kiaran Talks About His Journey Into Filmmaking

As part of our recruitment series of videos, we talked to one of our alumni, Kiaran. Here he explains how Transitions helped him in getting into Filmmaking as an editor.

Aisha Tells Us What It’s Like To Study Lighting

The second in the recruitment series of videos, we talk to Aisha about what it’s like to be a lighting student and what it’s like to study production more generally.

What is expected of our students?

All students sign a Student Agreement when they are enrolled to Transitions. Under the terms of our student agreement, we expect:

  • good attendance at classes and courses
  • full participation in our coaching initiative
  • demonstration of good commitment in attending additional activities offered by Transitions
  • that students will celebrate their place in Transitions and aspire to grow their talent and potential.

We monitor progression and engagement throughout the year. Students who we believe are struggling to progress or engage to their fullest will receive additional Support to Study.