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Is Transitions right for me?

Transitions is funded by the Scottish Funding Council to specifically support students from SIMD1 postcodes and those who are care experienced and/or estranged.

SIMD stands for Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, and SIMD1 refers to the 20% of postcodes in Scotland where young people are most likely to face multiple barriers to their progression and embracing their potential.

Care Experience refers to anyone who has been in any form of care (including kinship care or estrangement) during childhood. We recognise that care leavers can face multiple barriers long after they leave care, until the age of 26. If you are care experienced, you can be living in any postcode, and still be eligible.

You can apply if:

  • you have a passion for the performing and production arts
  • you are 16+ if interested in drama, film or production
  • you are 7+ if interested in music or ballet
  • you have not completed a higher education programme
  • you are one or more of the following:
    • you live in an SIMD1 postcode, or
    • you are a care experienced and/or an estranged young person
  • or are living in an SIMD1 or SIMD2 postcode and:
    • living rurally
    • Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC)
    • a young carer

We believe that people who meet these criteria are most in need of access to structured education and personal development. If you meet these criteria and are considering a career in the performing arts, Transitions is absolutely right for you.

Why might Transitions not be right for me?

Unfortunately, we do need to be firm with our eligibility criteria. We cannot support you if:

  • You are interested in the arts, but do not want to pursue a career in an arts field
  • You do not currently live in an SIMD1 postcode. Exceptions to this are:
    • You are care experienced
    • You lived in an SIMD1 postcode at the time of application, but have since moved address.
  • You have already completed an HND programme at college.
  • You are currently studying at undergraduate level at another institution
  • You have a degree already
  • You do not live in Scotland.

If you have any questions about these exclusions, please contact the Transitions Team in the following ways:

📋 Via our Contact Page
📧 transitions@rcs.ac.uk
📱 0141 270 8303

If Transitions isn’t right for you, but you still require additional financial support, there are a number of funding and bursary options at RCS. For Junior Conservatoire bursaries, contact juniors@rcs.ac.uk, for financial support for Short Courses, contact shortcourses@rcs.ac.uk.