Film Society
Type: Lifestyle
Contact: Paul Barrie (

We hold regular screenings in the Fyfe Lecture Theatre of a wide variety of cinema.





Southeast Asian Society
Type: Alternative
Contact: Vic (

We aim to connect students from the Southeast Asian region studying at the conservatoire through hosting events celebrating the cultural diversity of Southeast Asian students and organising food nights. We hope to foster a sense of belonging in Glasgow through a shared cultural connection with each other, and to provide a space in which SEA students can feel comfortable speaking in local/ native dialects.

Sports Society
Type: Lifestyle
Contact: Myrna and Milly (

Things to look out for this year is the Sports Box, Health Week and the Sports Takeover at Chimp Nights in theĀ AGOS on Thursday 23rd February and Thursday 20th April. Check your emails for the weekly timetable!

Open Table Talks
Type: Political
Contact: Nene (

We generate dialogue, build community and provoke challenging discussions.