Introducing Joanna Ellis, DFTV and Filmmaking Rep


 Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hi there, I’m Joanna Ellis a third year DFTV student rep. I specialise in Producing films and I’m also pretty keen on directing for stage and screen.


How did you get involved with the SU?

This year I became a student rep for DFTV and this is how I got involved with the SU.


What sparked your interest in the SU?

I was interested in trying to better by course and DFTV’s visibility within the Conservatoire. My role in the SU seemed to be a great opportunity to do this and to increase the social aspect of being a student at the RCS.


What do you hope to achieve through your role?

I’d like to make DFTV a more welcoming course and make sure that we all get to know each other. I also think it would be super useful to try and increase our ties with other courses! The SU provides a platform from which issues that students don’t feel are being dealt with on a committee level can be taken further. This role has been a great opportunity to speak directly to the head of drama, and head of course.


What do you want students to know about how you can help them?

I want to remind students that they can talk to me regarding any issues they have, whether its course specific, conservatoire-wide, regarding social or educational issues or something that they don’t know where else to take it!


Now the serious question: Falafel to Go or Boots Meal Deal?


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