Big White Wall Launch!


The Student Union and the Conservatoire are proud to launch Big White Wall today! Big White Wall is a community-led support network for emotional health. You can take online courses, post in monitored forums and find useful information to understand more about why you are feeling the way you are. You can sign up by going to > Sign Up > Institution > RCS


This is a real investment in the mental health and wellbeing of students at the Conservatoire and I am really happy to see this change. Over the last year and a half I have presented at meetings, worked with Dr. Rachel Drury and gathered student feedback on current services all to ensure that the Conservatoire improves its support of mental health. Big White Wall provides round the clock support so that you can work at your own pace outside of the Conservatoire and around your busy schedules. Time and time again this came up in feedback from you all, so I hope that this helps!


Let me know how it is going for you by sending me an email:



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