Introduction | Getting Into The Archive

Working with different artists and students around the theme of ‘The Archive’, this is a deeper dive into themes and resources that might be useful as a further stepping-off point.

I’ve put together some resources and some practical sessions for you to check out looking at how to make archives, how to get further into the ones in my podcast and how to use these resources to help you make work. Maybe that work will be now or maybe it’ll come about in the future when you’re stuck, and you remember something that hopefully stuck in your mind during this programme. 

Over six sessions – I’ll be taking you on a little creative journey. You don’t have to do this weekly, but I’ve set it up to be a low-commitment project that you can dip into gently over six weeks. But you could if you wanted to do it in a much shorter timescale all at once. There’s no right or wrong way and no one marking your assignments, this is a no-stress project.  Each ‘week’ will have some listening, reading, or watching to do. And sometimes all three. There’ll be activities each ‘week’ that you can take part in. Or not. Or maybe stick this in a cupboard for later – when it’s more useful. It is totally up to you. 

This resource pack doesn’t have a huge single objective or require you to write weekly essays or a big product for you to create to by the end of it. Instead, I’m hoping that you might break out your curiosity and engage with some creativity along the way. But most importantly I’m aiming to give you some tools that can be stored for future needs and something you can come back to. 

The six sessions are broken down as follows:

  1. The Podcast
  2. Using The Archive
  3. Responding to the Need for an Archive
  4. Making Your Own Archive
  5. The Documentation
  6. Inspiration and Making

Get some sort of voice recorder for your phone or tablet if you have one. 
Here is a free one that works with both Apple and Android operating systems

OR get a notebook you really like writing in. 
Just something to record your thoughts as you work through these pages.