Like most music schools, the RCS can be quite a confusing building to navigate! We have available a .pdf file of the rooms we are using plus a brief guide below.

  • Ground floor (level 1)
    • AG8
  • First floor (level 2)
    • Stevenson Hall (SH)
    • Alexander Gibson Opera Studio (AGOS)
    • Room 6 (R6)
    • AG10
    • AG11
    • Room 7 (R7)
    • 2.48 (conference instrument store and staff room)
  • Second floor (level 3)
    • AG13
    • Ledger Recital Room (LRR)

Also useful to know:

  • Rooms beginning ‘AG’ are in the Alexander Gibson Opera School, which is at the back of the building. No access from level 3.
  • Room 6 (R6) is quite tricky to find, there are no signs 🙁