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Digital Theatre Plus Please ask the Library for username and password for access off site

This resource has a section called ‘Making Theatre’ where there are interviews with production teams.


Stan Winston School of Character Arts Please ask the Library for username and password

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Printed Journals (available in the library):

Entertainment Technology

Lighting and Sound International

Sightline: Journal of Theatre Technology and Design


Areas that are covered are costume, architecture (including theatre design), puppetry, stage management, lighting, sound, stage technology, rigging, special effects, wigs, scenery, stage carpentry and props. They can all be found in the drama section of the library which is located on the left hand side.

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RADA Production And Arts Blog

Whittaker Live

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Association of British Theatre Technicians

Riggers Page

The Society of British Theatre Designers

The UK Stage Management Association

United States Institue for Theatre Technology (USITT)

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British Film Designers Guild