Musical Theatre

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Dress Circle — musical theatre shop

Edinburgh Libraries Online Catalogue (public libraries)

Glasgow Libraries Online Catalogue (public libraries)

National Youth Music Theatre

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Contemporary Musical Theatre Finding repertoire

Musical Theatre Resources. Finding contemporary repertoire

Whittaker Live Whittaker Library performing arts blog

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Reflective practice (suggested library resources)

Ballet Lite – learn your ballet terminology.  An app to download on iTunes or for your android device.

Encore — sets of orchestral and choral music in UK libraries.  The website lists sets that libraries have been able to purchase — but note that most modern material has to be hired commercially from publishers.

Guide to Musical Theatre 

London Theatre (West End Musicals)  

Musical Theatre  

Musicals 101: the Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, Film & Television (slightly historical focus)

Official London Theatre (current news)

Rehearsal Skirts (make your own)

The Stage.  Advice for Performers