e-Portfolio: Video & Media

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It is important to use the correct platform for storing, sharing, and publishing, video and media content.

OneDrive for Business provides each user with 1 TB of sharable storage.
This is an ideal location to backup all your files.
Large videos can be shared directly to WordPress.
This is an efficient workflow and avoids replication of content across platforms.

Microsoft Stream is a premium video hosting service included with Office365.
Content can be embedded on webpages (Portal, Moodle, etc…).
Videos uploaded to Stream are optimised for web.
Auto captioning and caption translations are available.
To access Stream, you must be an RCS user.

If content needs to be accessible beyond the RCS network of users, upload videos to YouTube (unlisted) and embedded. OneDrive can also share content externally.

I encourage users not to upload MOV files, these are not web complaint. For content such as long video observations, I recommend Stream, or linking directly from OneDrive to Moodle or the Portal.

If uploading directly to the Portal, always compress video content to MP4 web compatible format. This can be done automatically using Handbrake (Mac & Windows compatible & free: open source). Instructions available here: Convert videos to MP4 with HandBrake.