iPad's MOV Videos & Playback in Browser

MOV is a very popular video type. However it is not a native HTML5 video format, QuickTime MOV videos can not be played directly in HTML5 browsers, unless additional plugins are installed.

Here is what the problem looks like in WordPress, the MOV video has been inserted to your ePortfolio page as a link, it has not embedded / will not play directly from your webpage. When clicked, it downloads rather than plays:

If want to play .MOV files on a HTML5 website or browser, you need to convert MOV to MP4, which is an html5 compliant format.

The two simplest ways to perform this conversion:

Do it yourself, using software called Handbrake. This is installed on the Mac computers and the PC’s in the library and Atrium. Pros/Cons to this approach: you can upload the file directly to your ePortfolio, you do not need to upload the videos to a public space (e.g. YouTube). Click here for instructions.

YouTube can convert the video for you. You can upload MOV video files directly to YouTube, which converts the video files for you (behind the scenes). You can then embed the YouTube instance of the video in your ePortfolio. Pros/Cons to this approach: if you select “unlisted” when you upload your video, it will not be searchable, but if someone knows the link it can still be accessed.