Care Experienced Students

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is proud to be a corporate parent. We are committed to improving the lives of care experienced young people and aim to provide (corporate) parental support to ensure that students who are care experienced are not disadvantaged.

I’m Care Experienced, what financial help can I get?

If you’re unsure whether you qualify to receive the Care-Experienced Students Bursary for Scottish students at undergraduate level, these FAQs will help.  All students might find this leaflet useful Care experienced Applicants Leaflet 2020

If you’re wanting to progress to a Masters level course then there is no additional support available for Care Experienced students other than what is offered to non-Care Experienced students.  However, remember that Care Experienced students are a priority group within the HE Discretionary Fund so you could apply for help with everyday living costs should you need it.

You can read all about the support available and the staff who deliver it as well as some student stories at: and

The following events/organisations may be of interest:

Who Cares Scotland, ‘Care Family Christmas 2020’
• Receive a Christmas parcel, register online
• Receive a Christmas wish, register online
• Digital events from 23 Dec – 2 Jan, the schedule is shared on 14 December on social media platforms
• Helpline available 5 days a week including Christmas day 0330 107 7540


CELCIS, ‘ Design our 2020 Christmas Card’
• Must be under the age of 18, the top designs will receive a gift voucher
• See guidelines on website for card entry
• Submit online alongside entry form, due 4 December


Life Changes Trust
• An national organisation running a number of projects on various topics, including housing, rights and equality, creative activity, workforce development, grants and peer mentoring.


Become Charity
• Care Advice Line, free phone or via email
• Care Factsheets for Young People, free to download via website, on lots of different topics such as contact people, managing money, knowing your rights etc.
• Life Coaching for Young People, free for care leavers aged between 16-25, register via website.


Propel (Scotland)
• Information on what support is available for care leavers going into higher education.
• Search for a institution by name, subject or location, to see what support is available (e.g. application help, accommodation, funding, bursaries, financial advice etc.)


Rees Foundation
• “Projects” provide support on lots of different topics such as financial assistance and grants, crisis payments, support for higher education, careers coaching, housing, peer networks and more.
• Helpline available by phone Mon – Fri 9-5, or by email


Coram Voice
• Advocacy help line, to tell you about your rights and give advice on situations
• Independent Visitor programme – paired with someone who spends time with you (subject to COVID-19)


The Care Leavers’ Association
• Provides legal advice and advocacy support on any aspect of leaving care, contact
• Leaving Care guide, free to download here
• Receiving support in Further Education, such as financial support. More information here


• Provides homeless young people with accommodation, health support and life skills
• Free help line via phone or email. More information here


• Mental health information and support
• Offers a helpline, online community, guides and tip sheets.