Access Email

Accessing your RCS email and registering for Multi Factor Authentication


You can access your RCS email address from

Enter your full email address, as provided in the matriculation email and temporary password you were issued.

You will be prompted to register for Multi Factor Authentication to help keep your account secure.  Although you have the option to skip for a limited number of days, we do recommend you register straight away.

Download the Microsoft Authenticator App to your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play store search for “Microsoft Authenticator”

It should look like this:

Once you have the app downloaded, click Next

In the Microsoft Authenticator App you will need to scan the QR code shown on screen

This will add your RCS account to the authenticator app.

You will receive a prompt within the app to approve your login

If you aren’t trying to login and you receive a prompt, please click deny and report this to as soon as possible

Once you approve the sign in, you should see the notification approved

And you should see confirmation that multi factor authentication setup was successful.

For further information please refer to our FAQs here