Thinking about my creative resource

Creative- adjective ; relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

Resource- noun;
a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organisation in order to function effectively.

For this creative resource I will use original ideas to create materials that can be drawn on by a person in a prison context.

Currently I am thinking about different ways to perceive time and duration in a prison context. I want to make a calendar, that isn’t like a “normal calendar” but is a creative calendar.  Each month would have a different question on prompt that would inform the creative tasks listed below.  This comes with many questions and considerations. I want to make this resource enjoyable and manageable and is a 12 month durational performance the best way to keep engagement? Aesthetically I am looking to juxtapose textures, colours and shapes that the inmates are used to. This cancels out greys and hopefully horizontal lines from my resource.

I have been influenced by Susan Pui San Lok with their resource work below which invites questions and performative ways to respond to questions. I have been inspired by the artist packs on first and have begun to research future library by Katie Paterson which has an interesting take on documenting time. I am excited to be influenced by these sites.



Questions that are present

What is the instruction? What is the shape?
Who is this for? What is the appeal?
What is the aesthetic? What are the prompts?
How long does this need to be engaged in for? Where is it located?
How do I keep people engaged? What is the outcome/goal?
How do I make it accessible? How do I make it sustainable?
Can it be reused? What materials do I need?



time framed differently unhelpful
different colours/textures/shapes from prisoner daily surroundings a burdening reminder of time
complex yet accessible infantilised
engaging difficult to understand
fun hung on the wall
different from a normal calendar
for anyone in this context
time/duration based- i.e. you can do however many months you want

Statement of intent

I intend to frame time and duration differently and creatively in an accessible way.

I intend to juxtapose daily prison colours and textures and shapes, especially in a time of crisis.

I intend to spark creativity in a time of isolation and crisis in the prison context.




Future Library


Artist Activity Packs



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